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Pastor – Very Rev. R. Michael Zak, Cell phone:(412)-804-8865

Deacons – Fr. Deacons Artemius Stienstra &  Marc Wisnosky

Cantor/Choir Director – Reader Andrew Talarovich Jr.

Weekday Cantors – Donald Bodnar Jr. & Michele Tomko

Sub-Deacons: David Urban & Andrew Halapin Jr.

Parish Council President: Tom Pingor



Vol. 2; No. 42


Sunday, October 26, 2014


Matins: 8:00 A.M.

Divine Liturgy: 9:00 A.M.

Epistle: Hebrews 13:7-16                       Resurrection Tone: 3                   Gospel: John 17:1-13

Tropar & Kondak: Blue Book: 87-89, 114-115 / Red Book: 102-105, 130-131

Altar Candles’ Sponsor: +Shirley Brugos’ Birthday, and +Anna Brugos’ 15th Anniversary of her falling asleep in the Lord, offered by Edward J. Brugos & Family.

Wedding Anniversary prayers intoned for Michael & Helen Beres on their 55th Anniversary of Holy Matrimony.

Birthday prayers are extended to: Dorothy Lasobik (84th birthday on Oct. 30), offered by William J. Lasobik and to: William Lasobik (64th birthday on Oct. 30), offered by Dorothy G. Lasobik.

Panachida service conducted for the repose of the souls of God’s departed servants, +Anna Brugos on her 15th Anniversary of falling asleep in the Lord and for +Shirley M. Brugos (Birthday), offered by Edward J. Brugos.

Panachida service conducted for the repose of the souls of God’s departed servants, +Ann Yurcisin, +John Yurchisin & +Michael Banosky, offered by the Family.


Wednesday, (Oct. 29)… 9:00 A.M. Divine Liturgy for the repose of the soul of God’s departed servant, +Peter N. Palyok, offered by wife, Anna D. Palyok.


Friday, (Oct. 31)… 9:00 A.M. Divine Liturgy for the repose of the souls of God’s departed servants, +Peter Holubz, Jr. and +Andrew Zak on the Anniversary of his falling asleep in the Lord, offered by Babe Sapp.


Sunday, November 2, 2014


Matins: 8:00 A.M.

Divine Liturgy: 9:00 A.M.

Epistle: Galatians 2:16-20                      Resurrection Tone: 4                    Gospel: Luke 8:5-15

Tropar & Kondak: Blue Book: 90-92 / Red Book: 105-107


Luke 8:5-15 – As the sower in this parable, Christ fulfills the prophecy in Isaiah 55:10-13.  Note that while some might teach a person is permanently saved at the moment he professes faith – a view never held by the historic Church – the teaching of Jesus is clear that it is possible to believe for a while and then fall away (v. 13).

8:10 – Mysteries are not obscure intellectual concepts, but the presence of the Kingdom of God which cannot be defined.  A person’s unwillingness to understand Christ’s parables is due to a rejection of His Kingdom.  “If the blindness were natural, it would have been proper for God to open their eyes; but because it was a voluntary and self-chosen blindness, He does not overthrow their free will.”  Doing so would have been not only to “no advantage for them, but an even greater condemnation” (John Chrysostom).


RECTORY OFFICE HOURS are 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday thru Friday


EMERGENCY SICK CALLS can be made anytime.  Please notify your Pastor when someone is taken to the hospital; Sacred Scriptures remind us to call the presbyter to anoint the sick.


MARRIAGES are celebrated on Saturdays and Sundays.  Consult the Pastor at least 6 months in advance and before wedding reception plans have been made.  Marriages cannot be celebrated during Lent or Advent, or on Fridays.


BAPTISMS are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays at 11 A.M.  Two God-parents are required; at least one of whom must be an Orthodox Christian by Faith, and the other a practicing Christian.  An infant’s first or middle name must be a saint’s name.


CHURCH FUNERALS are provided for parishioners who are current in their spiritual and financial obligations to the Parish.  Otherwise, burial is from the funeral home.  The Church does not permit cremation.


CHURCH ETIQUETTE (1st in a series)

The Holy Orthodox Church is perhaps one of the last social institutions where dignity, protocol, respect, and reverence are maintained.  This is primarily because when we come to the church and its services we are entering the Kingdom of God on earth, His habitation, and we choose to honor this sacred place by our attentiveness to what is proper and ordered.  We have the opportunity to reflect the image of Christ within us by our actions.  “You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation.” (1 Peter 2:9

From time to time we need to remind ourselves how to conduct ourselves in God’s Holy House.  This guide is meant for personal reflection and not as a means of judging others.  Keep in mind that there are different traditions even among the Orthodox faithful.  We come to church to pray and worship God above all else, and that should be our focus.  While the following references the Divine Liturgy, it should be noted that proper etiquette should be applied to all the Divine Services of the Church.


The Orthodox Divine Liturgy begins when the priest intones, “Blessed is the Kingdom of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”  We need to arrive early enough to receive this blessing.  It is always appropriate to arrive in a timely manner, before the service begins.  Doing so gives one time to get settled, to acclimate themselves to their surroundings, and to prepare oneself to offer themselves wholly in prayer.

Arriving late without due cause is always inappropriate.  Arriving late causes distraction and is inconsiderate to the rest of the faithful, to the celebrant and to God.  The same can be said for leaving services early.  Experience testifies that coming to Church late is more a matter of “habit” than circumstance: there are those who come late, and those who don’t.

Some rules of thumb: Those who arrive late should generally refrain from partaking of the Eucharist that day as “proper preparation” for Holy Communion assumes the ascetical effort of arriving on time to the service and one should refrain from venerating icons or lighting candles in the front of the church so as to not distract others from prayer or draw undue attention to oneself.

If an occasional problem occurs and you have to come in late, enter the church and take your place among the faithful reverently without drawing attention to yourself.  The times in which you should wait in the back of the church, or the narthex, before entering include: when the Little or Great Entrance is taking place, when the priest is censing or giving the homily, and when the Epistle or Gospel is being read.  If you are unsure when the best time to enter the church is, ask one of the greeters for guidance.  We come to the church on time as if to be at a “Great Banquet,” with reverence because we are partaking of the very Body and Blood of Christ, our Saviour.  Coming to the Matins before the Divine Liturgy will ensure that you will be settled in in plenty of time to pray without distraction.


It is the custom of Orthodox Christians to stand throughout the services of the Church.  This is because the traditional posture for prayer and worship in the Orthodox Church is standing.  In “Orthodox countries” there are usually no pews in the churches.  Benches and chairs are along the walls for the elderly and those who need to sit for personal reasons.  If you need to sit during the Divine Liturgy, remember to stand at these times: when the Liturgy begins and priest gives the blessing; during the Little and Great Entrances; when the priest is censing the icons and the faithful; during the Gospel reading; at the Anaphora; for Holy Communion; and at the final Blessing.  Whenever a hierarch is visiting the parish, out of respect follow his example and stand and sit when he does.





Fr. Deacon Marc Wisnosky

Cheryl Tomko

Steve Dunn

Protopresbyter John Gido

Very Rev. Michael Psenechnuk

Rose Jordanoff

Richard Babbie

Mary Ann Grossett

Mark Bodnar

Mary Ribic

Helen Haschak

Esther Trumpower

Margaret Stempler

Gary Clements

Sandie Babbie

Valeria Bayurova

Janice Kerr

Mary Waselko

Mary Regdon

Charlene Atkinson

Margaret Banyas

Olga Grimes

Stephanie Reinsel

Ernest Vasil

Bill & Olga Smoley

Elmer Konar

Emma Yuhasz

Ray Hovan

Curtis Miller

Ron Becker

Stephen Fucsko, III

William Lasobik

Joanne Bodnar

Paul Hreha

Helen & Mike Beres

John Michael Flaherty

George Lavra

Wendy Stahl

Thomas Tihey

Bill & Shirley Majernich

Donna Patsen

Irene Simko

Olivia O’Nell

Sandy Johnson

Michele Tomko

Florence Koscik

Fr. Deacon Thomas Yawkey

Larry Oleksa

Mary Ann Vasil

Michael Talarovich

Florence Bayuzik

Margaret Yawkey

Cathy Collett

Ernie J. Vasil

Mary Popovich

Dolores Wasosky

Ron Moxson

Pete & Peter Iaquinta

Helen Chupinka

Linda Hazelbach

Candice Smith

Marilyn Myers

Enzo Colantoni

Proto Deacon Michael & Leslie Sochka

Ann Toczek

Ann Timko

Protopresbyter Lawrence Barriger

Pani Anna Marie Slovesko

Ann Pillis

Geraldine Lakatos

Matilda Benson

Anita Homa

Anna Marie Kline

Emma Lazorchik

Dr. Michael Krak

Jean Rohaly

George Rohaly

Dorothy Broadright

Joseph Shupinka

Mildred Bobbish

Mary Kindya

Mary Dander

Mary Ann Owens

Michael Nicholas

Martha Opsitos

Pani Anna Havrila

Gene Eaton



ORDER SARRIS CANDY FOR CHRISTMAS FROM OUR SENIOR ACRY CHAPTER!  The Senior Youth Organization of our parish is sponsoring this fund-raiser for the Nativity season.  Patronize the Orthodox Christian-based candy company in Canonsburg, PA and submit your holiday order to Cheryl Tomko by November 16, 2014.  ACRY members appreciate your support for this project!


A NOTE OF APPRECIATION FROM MARY ANN!  Mary Ann Vasil would like to thank all the considerate parishioners who wished her well and sent cards, but more importantly, prayed for her recovery.  Also, special thanks are expressed to: Betty Wuchevich, Audrey Rajakovich, Florence Davis & Ernie Vasil for doing a wonderful job at the Chinese Auction during the recent Fall Festival of our parish.  Thanks a lot!


HUSBAND & WIFE EXPRESS THEIR GRATITUDE!  Michael & Marion Lavra exclaim their sincere appreciation to everyone in the Church who were so kind as to send get-well cards, thoughts and prayers that quickened their recovery.  May the Lord God bless all of you, abundantly and thank you!


ENABLE THE ACRY TO REACH OUT TO THOSE IN NEED BY SUPPORTING THE 2015 ANNUAL PUBLICATION!  The Diocesan “Yearbook” is a “must have publication” for your home library.  Insure that this excellent journal of parish news, photos, diocesan information and enlightening articles concerning our precious Orthodox Christian Faith is written and distributed yearly to all faithful members.  Become a Patron or offer a Memorial Listing for $6.00; be recognized as a Booster for $3.00.  Cathy Pawlik will gladly accept your monetary contribution.


CLERGY BENEVOLENT FUND!  The Diocese has established a “Clergy Benevolent Fund” to aid our Priests and Panis in cases of catastrophe.  The John C. Kulis Charitable Foundation, through the efforts of our Diocesan Trustee, Attorney Steven M. Laduzinsky, who is Vice President of the Foundation, has gifted our benevolent fund with a donation of $25,000, together with the pledge of matching funds up to that amount that may be made by our clergy and organizations from May 13 to Dec. 1, 2014.  If you are able to make a contribution, please make checks payable to: ACROD Clergy Benevolent Fund and mail to the Chancery Office, 312 Garfield St., Johnstown, PA  15906.


NATIONAL JUNIOR ACRY WEEKEND ENCOUNTER AT CAMP NAZARETH, NOVEMBER 7-9, 2014!  You do not have to be a member of the Junior ACRY to attend!  If you want to try out camp for the first time, this is your perfect opportunity!  Cost to attend is: $70; Don’t Hesitate!  RSVP by October 29th!  If you have any questions or wish to RSVP for the event please contact Rachel Pribish at or (908) – 247-2269.  Parents are also reminded that they have to fill out the parental consent forms and medical information sheets, available on the internet at the Diocesan Web-site.


CHERYL’S GRACIOUS RESPONSE: “My heartfelt thank you to all members of our parish family for the cards, prayers and well wishes after my recent surgery.  I feel truly blessed to be a part of such a kind and caring group.”      - CHERYL TOMKO



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