St Nicholas Sunday Luncheon & Visit, Dec. 17th

Dear Faithful Members of St. Nicholas:


      What better way is there to celebrate our Patron Saint Nicholas than by participating in the Divine Liturgy on the Feast (Dec. 19) and this Sunday (Dec. 17), when we gather gather for worship and later dine in the company of our church family at a delicious buffet meal in the auditorium.  A free-willing offering shall be in effect and all of the children of the parish will be blessed to receive holiday gift bags of treats from the Archbishop of Myra, Himself.  So, bring all your children and grandchildren to church for this wonderful observance. 

If you have not already sign your name to the reservation list, phone in your intentions by calling the church office number: (412) 461- 9437. 

We celebrate our parish patron saint in joy, love and a charitable spirit toward all members of our precious Orthodox Christian Faith.  Looking forward to seeing all of you!

Fr. R. Michael 

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